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07 November 2008 @ 08:45 pm
She was addicted to PMS  

It has been way too long since I have last updated. The unfortunate thing is that I don't really have anything to update. It's been pretty boring. School is school and is driving me insane, as it well should. Had a study today and a woman we (and by 'we' I mean everyone [and by 'everyone' I mean Lucy and I]) dubbed "Psycho Sub", because she is psycho and a substitute, was filling in.

- PS = Psycho Sub
- RG = Random Girl (whose name I do not know)

**Jacquie and I are walking to class**
Jacquie: I'll bet we have a sub
Me: Ugh
**We walk in and see a middle aged, seemingly nice lady**
Jacquie: Told you so!
Me: Woah
Jacquie: But I'm leaving next period!
PS: THIS IS! A! LABORATORY!!    !! TIE YOUR HAIR UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jacquie: I don't even have a hair tie. Do you have one?
PS: No!
Jacquie: ....
Me (whispers): What the hell?!
Jess: She's crazy!
Me: No shit

**Sitting down after having moved back a couple of rows**
Jacquie: Yes.
PS: What did you USE?
Jacquie: ... My iPod earphones
Me: ~chuckle!~
PS: That isn't good enough. HERE! ~Thrusts a handful of rubber bands at Jacquie. Meanwhile Jacquie's hair is less than shoulder length~
Jacquie: ~Ties her hair up and looks pissed off~
Me: ~Annoyed because PS is fucking crazy and wasting everyone's time and being a general bitch~
Me: Just wondering, how long does your hair have to be before you need to tie it up?
PS: Shoulder length
Me: So like yours?
Me: Because yours is shoulder length! ~makes random gesture toward my shoulder~
**Phoebe and Bella walk in**
Me: Actually it's Chanelle
Me: Not really
PS: ~Glares at me and then turns to Phoebe and Bella who are standing there laughing~ WHY ARE YOU LATE?! IT'S NOT FUNNY! I CAN THINK OF DOZENS OF THINGS MORE FUNNY!!!!! I'm going to give BOTH OF YOU A LATENESS DETENTION!!
**A few minutes later**
RG: ~Gets up and turns on the fans~
RG: Oh, sorry. I didn't realize
Jacquie: Does anyone not want the fans on?
Everyone: I don't mind/No it's boiling


Why do people like that even become teachers. Babe, do us all a favour and have a freaking period or something.


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omfg_chanelleomfg_chanelle on November 7th, 2008 11:44 pm (UTC)
It was so fucking perfect. Idk what the fuck she was on, but I suggested menopause and/or crack. Which we all know is wack. Hahaha, there was no way that was male though. It was ~all female~ oozing bitchy hate.

P.S. How much love is Isis? I started watching it all but it started on foxtel so I was like, eh, I'll just watch it on tv. Can that Hannah girl not be such a fucking racist bitch? No? Didn't think so. After all, she did come from a ~small town~. Did you forget? She didn't have ~running water~. She also didn't talk about it enough in my opinion. No wonder she was chased by a moose AND NO I DON'T MEAN TYRA. (You can kiss her fat ass)